Bonding Takes Time

Parents don’t always feel a great rush of love and bonding straight away. It comes in time.

Many parents have other feelings such as fear along with love, especially if it’s a first baby. It’s what you do that counts.

Attachment and love aren’t the same thing. Some parents love their children but can’t keep them consistently cared for and safe and if that happens it can cause attachment issues. If you’re worried about your safety or your baby’s, tell someone you trust and ask for help.

Your baby has little or no control over his/her body, he is totally dependent on an adult to feed, stimulate, comfort, change and make him comfortable. Because he is so helpless he needs a lot of looking after, and while that can be exhausting, it is these repetitive routines that can provide perfect opportunities for learning to communicate and socialise as well as build up a bond.

Everyday routines are crucial to help a baby sort out the chaotic information that is coming into his brain, so when your baby gets a routine that happens over and over again it becomes familiar and helps to reinforce those relationships.

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