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If your struggling for whatever reason Next Step Psychotherapy & Wellbeing (NSPW) can help we’ve been helping young people all over the North East for 7 years, we know that growing up can be really tough at times. And that’s where we can help with that, which can make an impact on the way we can think or feel. We work with schools, teachers, students and parents or carers. With our friendly and down to earth fully trained counsellors ready to help, we use lots of different counselling and therapy techniques. We share our knowledge with you and help with why we think the things we think sometimes.

Last year we helped 380 young people alone!

What do some of you think:

Sam (North Tyneside) – Talking helped me stop believing in all the rubbish I was thinking all the time in my head.

Amy (Durham) – Talking to a stranger was weird at first then they made me laugh a lot which put me at ease and tried to make sense of why I was feeling so angry all the time.

What we do:

Have you got something on your mind? It’s ok to talk we are here to listen

NSPW offers 1-2-1 counselling sessions for young people as well as group work.

Your counsellor would work with you to explore any issues which is causing you to worry or think about, it gives you the time and space to look at these with a trained counsellor. Maybe you’re feeling sad, worried about the virus? Or angry, scared or feeling down whatever the reason we can help you work through it.

Counselling is a free and safe, confidential place to talk about what maybe causing you to feel uncomfortable or down. This might be at home, school or something completely different. Whatever the reason is we can help.

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