Our childhood years can be some of the most enjoyable but can also be some of the most challenging periods of our journey into adulthood. 

​Counselling offers a safe place in which to explore the complex emotions that come with moving into adulthood. With a clearer understanding of issues like relationships, sexuality, stress or anxiety, young people can be better prepared to take on challenges now and well into adulthood.

​Some therapies will focus on the here and now and will help you to problem solve the issues that are holding you back in your day to day life, others may take you back to previous life events, such as trauma, death, life experiences, that have had a long term impact upon your wellbeing. It can also help them to work through their emotional and psychological developmental milestones. Relearning these stages heightens their awareness of the self and their own belief systems.

We are here to offer one to one sessions or groups of a similar nature.

Each week we will be posting some counselling information and so psycho-education around counselling and what it all means.

I look forward to speaking to you all soon!

If you need any information on counselling or feel your struggling or know of someone struggling please get in touch.

Tracie Coulson

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