Our Story

Our Story

Wallsend has high levels of child and family poverty which underly a wide-range of presenting problems for children and young people, including low school readiness, poor health and youth unemployment.

The collective mission in Wallsend

The Wallsend Children’s Community believes that to improve outcomes for children and young people living in the area, it needs to be able to provide them with the same ‘offer’ as those in more advantaged areas.

In response to the area’s challenges, local leaders have set out an ambitious vision to build, over a generation, a Wallsend where children and young people have access to the same high-quality chances as those in more advantaged areas.

This will be comprised of an interconnected network of services for children that spans their homes, schools and community in order to address multiple, inter-relating challenges and maximise positive connections in these contexts. A group of 13 primary and two secondary schools have joined forces to develop and deliver a raft of activities and services supporting children’s needs.

The three early implementation priorities in Wallsend have been identified as:

  • Getting things right early
  • Being fit for life
  • Supporting young people to realise their aspirations