Bringing Children Up in Wallsend – A Mother’s View

There is an old African proverb it takes a village to raise a child” well I would say this also applies to Wallsend.

I brought my two children up in Howdon and it was, without doubt, easier because of family nearby. I had a 15 months age gap between my children, so essentially I was bringing up two babies. I was lucky to not be doing it alone, I had a husband to help but he worked long shifts. Thankfully I had family close by. I remember an Auntie used to come around, put the baby in the pram and take him for a walk between feeds so I could spend time with my oldest. My worry for parents at this time, bringing children up through a pandemic is that they aren’t getting this family support.

Bringing up children can feel isolating at the best of times but when we are living in ‘isolation’ at the moment due to Government regulations to lockdown, it must be even harder for people.

If you are feeling like you’re on your own and need any advice about your children please get in touch.

I will be available on a Friday morning between 10 and 11:30 to chat, answer your questions and give any advice I can.

Details of how to join will be on this page soon.


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