Bringing your family up in Wallsend. A Grandparent’s View …

Bringing children up in Wallsend has always been a family approach. Extended family have been involved in the childcare, babysitting and care of our children right through the generations.

My own children are grown up now so I am taking the part of a Grandma who is involved in the care of my 4 grandchildren. I’m sure other grandparents out there would agree, this is a different role than being the Mam or Dad, and it is a pleasure to spend time with them. This has been so difficult over the past year of COVID-19 restrictions. At times it has felt the hardest thing is not seeing them so a video call is amazing but some days it hurts just as much to only see them on video and not in real life. I think we have all struggled.

I’m sure any of you who are grandparents can empathise with me. What is the thing you have missed the most? For me it is seeing all four of them together. we were last all together at Christmas, just for a couple of hours but it was amazing seeing them playing together. The youngest one doesn’t really know her cousins so it was especially nice to see her joining in with them.

What have you missed most through COVID-19 restrictions? Please get in touch and share your thoughts of being a grandparent in Wallsend.

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