Reason 3 – Accidental Parenting continued…

Ask yourself these questions…

1. When your baby wakes in the night do you rush in?

2. When your baby wakes in the night do you play with her?

3. When your baby wakes in the night do you take her into your bed?

I don’t believe in leaving babies to cry, but don’t rush in, give her a few minutes she might just be stirring and not waking. You may actually be disturbing her sleep, or cutting it short.

If she wakes early, you will know if you have been monitoring her feeds and sleep, see Tip for your Toolbox,

You will know if she is hungry, if she is, feed her, swaddle her and put her back down.

Ask yourself this question…

  1. Does your baby wake up at the same time every night?

Just like adults, babies sometimes get into the habit of waking up.

If this happens more than 2 days in a row there may be a pattern developing. Usually they don’t need more food, just calm her, and put her down following the ‘Set the scene’, ‘Swaddling’, Sitting’, & ‘Shush – pat’ routine.

Common statements I hear from parents

“I’ve tried everything and nothing works”

This statement is usually a sign of a very tired, desperate parent. Often after following advice from various friends and family members of what worked for them you have tried extreme things from taking her into your bed to controlled crying. In fact, what you have probably done is confuse your baby and built a ‘lack of trust’. Babies’ brains are wired to expect repeated patterns of behaviour, it’s how they learn. So, if one night they are in your bed or getting cuddled all night and the next they are put in a cot, the pathways in their brain don’t get build. This can unsettle and even breach the trust between you.

Trust is the thing that all relationships are built on.

If this has happened, don’t worry, you just have to go back to square 1 and start again. But please stick to it. It might take a few days, a few weeks or a month to develop the new pattern but if you are consistent it will work.

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