Reason 3 – Accidental Parenting

Common statements I hear from parents

“My baby won’t sleep unless I … rock her, feed her, drive her around”


“My baby seems tired but wakes the minute I put her down”

“My baby wakes up at the same time every night”

“My baby wakes up at 5am to start her day”

“My baby refuses to sleep in her cot”

“My baby wakes up when her dummy falls out”

I believe that sometime we are a conscious parent’ and sometimes an accidental parent’

When you are exhauster and have tried everything you know to get your baby to sleep it is easy to try using an aid to see what will work. This could be a bottle, a dummy a feed or you could rock her, swing her, put her in your bed. Whatever it is once you have found something that works it is natural you will resort to that ‘aid’ next time. Unfortunately, you could be in danger of creating another problem. It is better to avoid them thanto have to take them away later. Will you want to be still giving her a bottle when she is 3 to get her to sleep?

Tip for your toolbox

If you have already fallen into the trap of using an ‘aid’ try doing the ‘Set the scene’, ‘Swaddling’, Sitting’, & ‘Shush – pat’ routine I previously mentioned.        

This may take a week of doing it consistently for your baby’s habit to break.

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