Reason 5 – Overstimulation

Common statements I hear from parents

“My baby doesn’t settle down to sleep easily”

“My baby fights his sleep”

“My baby doesn’t like going down for a nap”

“We have just started a new baby group, now my baby has started waking up in the night”

An overstimulated or over tired baby finds it difficult to fall asleep, and when he does finds it hard to stay asleep for long. That is why it is so important to follow a wind-down routine and to start it as soon as you see his first yawn.

When we sleep our brain stays active, in fact it is more active. When we have learnt something new the brain will continue to think about it so that the pathways are strengthened while we rest or sleep. If your baby is over stimulated during the day then it stands to reason that during his sleep his brain will be very busy. This can disturb his sleep pattern.

Tip for your toolbox

If your baby suddenly has trouble getting to or staying asleep, think about what you have been doing during the day, and especially in the afternoon. Try not to attend too many activities in the afternoon.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you often keep your baby up because you think he will sleep longer at night?
  2. Has your baby recently made some physical advances?

Once your baby is overtired, he not only won’t stay asleep longer he will have a restless sleep.

Babies are totally uncoordinated and can pull their ears, their hair or poke themselves in the eye, and wonder who done it. They also can make little noises which both amuses and disturbs them.

We don’t want to stop his development so sometimes you just have to put up with the disturbed sleep for a short while.

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