What are Little Girls Made of ?????

In light of International Women’s Day I thought I would share some facts about girls with you.

Did you know that even in the womb, your little girl’s brain was developing at a different rate to a boys brain?

In the womb boys experience a surge of testosterone between 6 and 24 weeks which has an affect on the rate their brain grows. The left and right hemispheres start to develop at different rates. The growth slows down while their body concentrates on building more red blood cells, denser bones and bulkier muscles.

While in a girl’s brain, both hemispheres continue to develop at the same rate. At around 26 weeks the girl foetuses generally start developing a thicker Corpus Callosum, this is the part of the brain which connects the left and right hemispheres together.

This may explain why women tend to use both sides of their brains while men tend to use more left side. I could also be why girls often talk quicker than boys, and how they find it easier to tap into their emotions and feelings which are in the right side of the brain.

Came back later this week and I will explain more about GIRLS PLAY AND BEHAVIOUR

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