Warm up Games Part 2- Domes and Dishes!!

Domes and dishes are one of the best competitive games out there, for all ages too! You can play this game with your family or friends!

Do not worry you don’t have to wash any dishes to take part in this game 🙂

Equipment needed: Cones or tins of food, or any objects which look different turned upside down!

If you choose to use cones for example, you will firstly split into 2 teams. You then decide if you are a dome or a dish? A dome being a cone being the ‘normal’ way up and the dish being flipped.

If you are a dome you are trying to turn all the dishes into domes and the dishes turning all domes into dishes. The team with the greatest number of cones in their favour are the winners!

Want to make it harder?

Only aloud to jump around or hop for example when turning over cones or having one hand behind your back when playing. Different movements when playing is a great way to keep physically challenged when playing.

Want to see an example?

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