Benefits of Finger Gym

  • Boosts communication, language and literacy
  • Builds a secure foundation for fast, fluent handwriting
  • Enriches language and expands vocabulary
  • Promotes self-regulation, focused attention and deliberate memory
  • Fosters social and communication skills
  • Improves hand eye co-ordination
  • Helps children to gain and retain manual dexterity
  • Improves pincer and tripod grip, promoting better pencil and pen control
  • Strengthens postural and upper body muscles in the shoulders and neck
  • Develops wrist strength, extension and stability
  • Fosters fine motor control and differentiated finger movements
  • Improves the ability to isolate and move each finger independently
  • Promotes spatial awareness and develops spatial orientation
  • Helps to relieve tension and relax tense finger muscles
  • Develops the ability to follow verbal instructions
  • Encourages precise imitation of physical actions
  • Improves sequential memory
  • Promotes attentive listening and active participation
  • Reinforces the child’s sense of rhythm and beat
  • Promotes development of clear articulation and expressive speech
  • Fosters response to story and verse through gesture and movement
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Offers joyous experiential learning
  • Fosters positive bonding, co-operation and a sense of belonging

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