Describing actions

With our preschool children aged 3 and an half to 5 years we encourage them to identify actions from picture cards. This activity can be carried out with pictures you may have in the home, you can draw your own if you are feeling creative, or there is actions cards online you could use.

In this video, Caitlin asks the children to talk about what they see whilst holding up each picture. The children discuss what they think the boy is doing in each picture, for example “Jake is brushing his teeth”.

This develops children’s listening and attention by following directives and it also builds up their language skills by using sentences to describe what they see on each picture. This extends their vocabulary and helps them build the confidence to discuss what they see and do in every day life. You could also do this whilst out and about in the local area. So whilst at Richardson Dee’s Park you could identify different play equipment, go on a bug hunt or look for different plants and flowers.

Whilst on a walk to the shops you could also build on children’s listening and attention by looking out for specific coloured cars. Remember to give lots of praise and encouragement throughout and keep it exciting to capture children attention!

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