Hiding objects

In this video we play a simple hiding object activity with our preschool children aged between 3.5 years and 5 years old. For this activity Caitlin has placed some objects onto the floor and talks through each object with the children before covering them with a blanket. She asks the children to cover their eye whilst she removes an object. The children then guess which object she has taken away.

Caitlin also adds and removes objects at various points and encourages the children to use their language skills to identify which has been added or taken away.

This activity develops children’s memory, their awareness of objects and their language skills by talking about what they can and can’t see. Children are naturally curious and like to investigate so this activity captures their interests and keeps them engaged for longer periods of times.

You could even add a particular theme to this activity, for example, focusing on mini beasts or types of vehicles – anything which your children may be interested in.

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