Matching picture cards

This is a really simple activity to carry out with your little ones at home. The children in this video are aged 2 years. We have used some picture cards which you can buy in most supermarkets or craft shops or why not try creating your own at home with pens and paper!

We have turned each picture card over and Mandy encourages the children to turn each card over one by one and identify what object is on the picture card. This is really useful for developing children’s early language skills by allowing them to use simple words to tell staff what they see on each card. Mandy repeats the word after each child has said it which then helps to develop the child’s understanding and listening skills.

If the image on the picture is too hard or your child can’t say what they see, you can give verbal prompts such as saying the letter first and encouraging them to copy you. Repetition is very beneficial for developing language skills as children learn by example and they will learn to identify what they see on the card with the single word which is being vocalised.

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