Self care and positive affirmations

At Wallsend Day Nursery we promote children’s self confidence and self awareness as well as their self esteem. We encourage children to be independent and always give praise and encouragement throughout. We also use positive affirmations for children to see themselves in a positive light.

Why not try talking to your child at home about different positive affirmations and encouraging them to talk positively about themselves. This doesn’t have to be based on physical appearances. It could be looking at how caring them are, how they are excellent at drawing or that they are a loving big brother or sister.

We have also listed below some Selfcare ideas that you children and parents can do together. Self care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can transmit the good feelings to others. You cannot give to others what you don’t have yourself and it is a great way of helping you to relax and re energise and boost yourself belief and self confidence. This is exactly the same for children.

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