Timetable of Themes

Over a 6 month period we will be uploading videos and information sheets for parents and families following the 6 themes below:

Theme 1 – Finger Gym.  Finger gym is focused on developing children’s fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and pencil control which can help them in preparation for school and reception class. Videos will provide examples of exercises and activities which can be used and also advise on real life ways to do this in the home.

Theme 2 – Sensory play. Sensory play is any form of play that helps to stimulate a child’s senses including touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which encourages movement and balance. Sensory play helps to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, their investigation skills, problem solving and scientific thinking and developing nerve connections in the brain. Videos will be recorded to provoke this thinking, and to help develop some of these key skills in the children.

Theme 3 – Sing and sign. This will combine the use of Makaton signs alongside singing to help promote the development of language in children. Staff will demonstrate a variety of songs along with the matching signs to help promote early language development.

Theme 4 – Early language. Staff trained In Early Years Talk Boost will provide a variety of short videos based on developing children’s communication and language skills. This will be through a range of play based activities including stories, the use of puppets and instruments.

Theme 5 – Music and movement. At nursery we use a variety of songs and music to encourage children to be free and move in a variety of ways to develop their physical skills, social skills and self-confidence. This also builds their imagination when creating new movements – especially when acting out their favourite animals! Staff will prepare videos based on encouraging children, parents, and their families to move their bodies and become more self-assured.

Theme 6 – Play in the outdoors.  When outdoors children develop their investigation skills, explore the world around them, learn to take their own risks and gain an understanding of dangers. In this theme staff will provide a range of videos based around playing outdoors and how parents can engage with their children outdoors whether it be in their garden, at the local park or forest, or even on a walk to the local shops.

Each week there will be 3 videos of our staff members demonstrating different play ideas suited around each particular theme. There will also be help and resource sheets to go alongside each theme and any questions can be asked via our messenger page.

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