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A Day in the Life of a Care Coordinator – Lyndsay Hogg

Each day begins differently, depending on that particular day. Twice a week it begins with a PCN Allocation Meeting. As a team, we come together to discuss the new referrals that day and explore which one of the team is best suited to support that individual.

The other days of the week, I have found keeping the mornings patient free have been very beneficial. I use the first part of those days to focus on connecting with the many services that may be involved in my patient’s care. This can range from North Tyneside Council, housing and Adult Social Care through to local services such as Meadowwell Connected, The Linskill Centre and VODA.

From 11:30am, I make calls to my patients, allowing approximately one hour to each patient, which gives me time to type up the notes, capturing the main points from the conversation, place any new referrals discussed and chase any services already involved.
I have a separate unable to contact list that I use to maintain and attempt to contact those who are a little reluctant to engage. I will attempt contact four or five times and then post an unable to contact letter as a last resort.

Outside of patient contact, I look to build relationships with the GP practices I work within and the local services. Building networks and reputation throughout these sectors helps to support the patients when I am placing referrals on their behalf.

Another key area of my role is to organise Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings. Having all those involved in a patient’s care in one meeting, exploring what is working and agreeing a plan of action is very beneficial and ensures the patient gets the support they need.
I am always looking for ways to improve what I do, reflect, and embrace new aspects of my role, including Virtual Group Consultations. Bringing together multiple people at one time. As well as looking at Continued Professional Development opportunities.

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