Catalyst Allstars – Learn to be a Cheerleader

There are some new kids on the block in Wallsend – Catalyst Allstars have arrived, if you would like to do something a bit different then give these guys a shout, you can find out more at

We caught up with one of the gaffers and wanted to really get to know Kim……

What inspired you to get involved with allstar cheer?
I have a dance background and knew I wanted to carry that on in some way, but I also always loved the stunt and gymnastics aspects of cheerleading that I saw on TV and in films when I was younger.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a coach?
Easy – that moment of realisation and joy when the athletes first nail a new skill and the delighted looks on their faces.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a cheer coach?
When things don’t go quite right for one reason or another and the kids get dispirited. A game or a funny story often helps with that though, we’re a cheerful bunch really!

What’s your favourite part of cheer?
Jumps! I particularly love a good toe-touch jump.

What makes a good cheerleader?
Someone who is kindhearted, coachable, hardworking, and gives 100% effort for themselves and their team.

How would one of the athletes describe you?
Small, loud, daft, strict, and caring!

Who inspires you as a coach?
Other than my fellow coaches and our athletes, I love the movie Coach Carter and the man behind it. He’s everything a coach should be.

Finally, for any young people reading this, why should they come and do cheerleading at Catalyst Allstars?
You will learn so much about yourself, from progressing your skills physically to developing a positive mental attitude. And there’s so much involved with cheer – stunts, tumbles, jumps, and dance – that you’ll never get bored with it! We’re super friendly and we all love what we do…we’re more like a family than a cheer team.

Give the guys a call and let then know you read about them on Wallsend Online!