Clean Up After Your Dog!

Clean up after your dog!

You may have noticed that in many parts of Wallsend there is an increasing problem with dog dirt, please respect your streets and clean up after your dog.

Here is the official word from North Tyneside Council………

All public and private land to which the public has free access has been designated, under the Public Space Protection Orders, as areas where dog owners must clean up after their pet,

‘Land’ includes all public footpath, carriageways and land running alongside except where a speed limit of more than 40mph operates.

Fines of up to £1000 can be imposed.

The council campaign ‘NO MESSING!’, aims to tackle dog fouling and irresponsible dog owners using engagement, enforcement and education.

A strict approach will be taken to issuing £100 fixed penalty notices to anyone seen failing to pick up after their dog