Dancing at the youth club

There are a few youth clubs in our area and over the next few weeks we will take a look around and see what they have been up to.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings the guys from YMCA operate a youth club at the St Paul’s Centre in Willington Quay.

They have been learning a new dance, I spoke to Warren and asked how the idea came about.

“We were very lucky that Helix arts were able to let their intern; Kelsey, spent 7 sessions with us. The idea was to create a short dance routine as well as get the young people involved in lots of fun healthy, physical games and warm-up activities”.

Warren continued, “Gradually the group talked about their interests and themes of dance, they decided on a street dance and then set about talking about a theme for the dance routine. They looked at lots of lyrics from songs and talked about issues important to young people. They decided on the issue of bullying and then this was expanded to try and show why somebody could become a bully, i.e. what led them to be a bully”

“They felt that a difficult and challenging home life could be an issue and wanted to show in the dance routine that the young girl who was bullying had actually a bad home with her father drinking a lot and sometimes hitting her”.

They practiced the routine and learnt some new dance moves and also had a lot of fun despite picking a very challenging theme, and now you can see the results.

We will find out more about this club over the next few weeks.