Getting to know….Louise Marshall

This week I have had the pleasure of meeting Louise Marshall.

Louise is running to be a local councillor for Wallsend in the election on Thursday, 5 May.

I asked Louise to tell us a bit about her self and what she loves about Wallsend………

I feel very passionate about our local area, which is why I decided to run as a local councillor.

I made my home in Wallsend over two years ago, with my daughter and our dog, Harley.

I love living in Wallsend for many reasons.

Firstly, the people. I am surrounded by friendly neighbours who have welcomed me and my daughter into this community. When I spoke to residents on our High Street, the majority told me that was one thing they loved about Wallsend too; the people.

We have beautiful parks and open green spaces like Richardson Dees Park and the Hall Grounds. I walk my dog through those spaces every day and see the beauty of the different seasons. As a community, we are so lucky to have those beautiful areas to enjoy.

I love the history of Wallsend! From Roman times through to the ship building and coal mining era – Wallsend has a rich ancient and modern history, and reflects what the north-east is famous for. Let’s celebrate this.

I love how Wallsend is well-connected with good public transport links. Whilst public transport can always be improved, I think we are lucky to have both metro and bus options on our doorstep.

We are half-way between the town and the coast, which means we can easily access both – this is another great advantage of living in Wallsend.

Like all communities, there are always things which can be improved, and is another reason I decided to run to be a local councillor. I want to hear from residents about how we can improve our local area.

Each week here on Wallsend Online, Louise will be asking us all to look around the area and let us know what is fantastic and what could be improved.