Is your C.V. up to date?

Want to know how to put your best self forward to future? Look no further – Dr Lowry is here to help!

Dr Lowry will be running Wallsend Online’s C.V. clinic, where you can send in your C.V. to get expertise advice on what makes an outstanding job application! From proof reading, help with structure and organisation, and general tips, Dr Lowry will help you to make sure your C.V. is specific, relevant to the job, and most importantly, makes the most out of your skills and experience.

Having worked as a doctor, a dentist, and a university lecturer, Dr Lowry has done it all! He offers advice to medical students with their university applications, as well as helping our future doctors with their bedside manner. If all of that isn’t enough, Dr Lowry is also passionate about theatre, and loves to make people laugh! He has worked as an actor, a comedian, and even a bus driver. As you can see, Dr Lowry has had an outstanding and incredibly varied career.

Therefore, we can’t imagine anyone better to run our C.V. clinic! Whatever you need, Dr Lowry will do his very best to help – all you need to do is send in your C.V. to