Jacqui from North Tyneside Carers’ Centre

This week we got the chance to chat with Jacqui; a Community Link Worker from North Tyneside Carers’ Centre!

Jacqui’s role as a Link Worker involves helping Carers who are struggling with isolation and loneliness. She works to seek out Carers, offer access to services, and set up meeting groups. This gives Carers of all ages the chance to connect with each other and become a part of a understanding and compassionate community. From visits to Segedunum and art sessions, to zoom calls with the Hairy Bikers during lockdown – Jacqui and her colleagues at North Tyneside Carers’ Centre work hard to celebrate and support Carers across our local community!

After working as a nursery nurse for 20 years, Jacqui decided to become a health trainer, where she worked with vulnerable people, often struggling with mental health problems. She quickly found that her passion lay in working one-to-one, helping others and giving them access to services that they didn’t previously know about. The skills that she developed lead her to apply for a job at the Carers’ Centre seven years ago with great success. Jacqui herself had been a young carer for a family member; something, like many other people, she didn’t realise at the time, until she started working with the Carers’ Centre.

North Tyneside Carer’s Centre recognise that Carers often don’t recognise themselves as exactly that, instead seeing the support they offer to a loved one as just a part of their everyday life. However, Carers go above and beyond in what they do for others, but unfortunately many don’t receive access to services that could greatly benefit their well-being. That’s why the team at the Carer’s Centre are working hard to identify and reach out to Carers, offering a community of support and compassion for those that need it.

Jacqui’s own experience of caring for her brother, who lives with a mental health condition, has been crucial to her role, as she understands first-hand the rollercoaster of emotions and the feelings of isolation that Carers of all ages go through. However, the understanding environment of the Carers Centre, as well as the knowledge that she is surrounded by supportive and understanding colleagues has helped Jacqui to excel in her role enormously.

In her own words, Jacqui told us that her favourite part about her job is simply:
“Working with fantastic colleagues and meeting amazing Carers of all ages!”

Thank you to Jacqui and North Tyneside Carers’ Centre for all of the wonderful work they do in our community!