Let’s introduce Rebecca

My name is Rebecca and I have been working for Westway Vets for 10 years. I work at the West Road Hospital and  also at the Howdon branch of Westway Vets.

I became a member of the Westway team as a student veterinary nurse. Since then, I have qualified and become a registered veterinary nurse.  I am currently training to complete my certification in working with exotic pets.

I love all aspects of my job but, I especially enjoy interacting with patients and clients.  Working throughout the Covid-19 lockdown I have been able to spend more time building relationships with them and being part of their journey.  It has been very rewarding. 

In my spare time I have a house full of animals to look after.  Most of which were rescues!   I have a 6-year-old deaf Lurcher who follows me wherever I go and truly is my best friend.  I have 3 Leopard Geckos (my profile picture is from when they were rescued after being were abandoned in a park).  I have a Berber Skink, Ghost Mantis and 4 Millepedes (two were rescues).  I love all species of animals and have recently visited a nearby Zoo for a ‘Tapir encounter’.  

Five years ago, I had an amazing experience travelling to Sri Lanka, to support local charities treating the stray dog population.  Veterinary nursing is like living a dream, but it can be very emotionally draining at times.  Like many of my colleagues I do grow attached to patients and feel such empathy for clients when it comes time, to say goodbye.  However, I am grateful to be there for our patients at their final moments. It is so important to ensure that at this very difficult time both our patients and their families feel cared for and supported.