Meet Lindsay and Tracie from Next Step

Here at Wallsend Online, we are offering a warm welcome to the lovely Lindsay and Tracie from Next Step – we are so pleased to once again be working with them! Lindsay and Tracie have been doing a fantastic job over at Next Step, and have told us all about the important work they do and why they feel so passionate about it.

Both Lindsay and Tracie have always been passionate about mental health and connecting with others, and for them the founding of Next Step has been an incredibly organic and natural process. Before Next Step, Lindsay established a career working in finance, but as her clientele were often suffering from bereavement, she naturally found herself chatting and connecting to her clients. She quickly realised that what she loved most about her job was the ability to relate and work face to face with others. Therefore, Lindsay took the daunting step to train as a therapist and she has never looked back. However, Lindsay acknowledges that setting up a business wasn’t always intentional, as although she knew from the start that she wanted to help others, and primarily wanted to work with children, she couldn’t find the right role, and so she did it herself!

This is where Tracie comes into the story, as being trained in law and having originally worked in housing, her expertise and business knowledge have proved indispensable to the success of Next Step. Starting part-time, one contract followed the next, and before long they both found themselves running a full time business together – with Tracie taking on the role of back-office manager in her stride, dealing with caseloads and the business side of things, and Lindsay naturally assuming a more hands-on role, working as a therapist. As well as having their own clientele, including children, young people, adults, and couples, Next Step also work with other therapists, offering them training.

Currently, after the large amount of referrals they have received during the pandemic, Tracie and Lindsay are fulfilling their long term goal of setting up a second premises, which will function as a larger centre and offer more facilities, with the hope that they will be able to reach and help even more people.