Meeting The Allstars

We have been meeting with the Catalyst Allstars over the last couple of weeks and today we meet Head Coach – Sabrina…….

What inspired you to get involved with Allstar Cheer?
When I was at school and university, I was a part of the choir, orchestra, and musical theatre group. I loved being on a stage and performing. This took a back seat when I entered the working world, but I knew I had to get involved in something creative in my spare time. I went to a free cheer taster and haven’t left since!

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a coach?
Watching athletes grow from shy wallflowers into confident little sass monsters!

What’s the most challenging thing about being a cheer coach?
Watching athletes, no matter their age, deal with an injury. It knocks them back a step, and they must work harder to regain their fitness and get back to where they were at before the injury before they can even think about progressions.

What’s your favourite part of cheer?
Stunting – there’s nothing more exhilarating than helping someone defy gravity! No matter how bad a day you have had, you can just lift someone above your head, and you just forget it all and focus on keeping that person safe.

What makes a good cheerleader?
A team player. Regardless of how many athletes you have on a team, they all individually matter. If you lose just one, this changes the whole dynamic of a routine. A good cheerleader understands this and will happily move roles for the greater good of the team.

How would one of the athletes describe you?
Unpredictable! Many athletes have commented on the little glint in my eye when I get a choreography idea, and they have no idea what is coming next!

Who inspires you as a coach?
Kenny Feeley, a world champion cheerleading coach. He inspires me as he is always growing as a coach. He is always thinking of new and inventive ways to teach skills, his work during the pandemic was amazing, with no close contact allowed he came up with some revolutionary stunt drills.

Finally, for any young people reading this, why should they come and do cheerleading at Catalyst Allstars?
Cheerleading is the kind of sport you fall in love with! It has so many elements to it, that it keeps you on your toes every session. It’s a good way to keep fit, and you will make friends for a lifetime. Catalyst Allstars welcomes everyone, so why not come give it a go!