More from our School of the Month

A big thank you to Richardson Dees Primary School for being our first school to be part of this new Wallsend Online feature.

Today we have a chat with some of the pupils and find out what makes their school really cool!

Mason – Year 6
‘I like the teachers because they explain everything really well’.

Olivia – Year 6
‘There are lots of books to read, the library is fab. My next book is George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

Tiana – Year 3
‘ I love the school lunches, the pizzas are delicious, everyday is a surprise’.

Ely – Year 3
‘I love Wednesdays because I go to my after school club, Invasion Games. Yesterday I got a Deputy Head award for brilliant reading’.

Taylor – Year 1
‘I love PE, we play Ice & Fire. I love school dinners, we can make our own picnic’.

Tabitha – Year 1
‘I love learning with the teachers, I enjoy maths and science. We are learning about animals and at the weekend I was riding a pony called Cookie’