New Cheerleader Coaching – Catalyst Allstars – Meet Wes

We mentioned a short while ago that there is a new cheerleader club in Wallsend and we met Kim, today we meet another member of the Team, let’s find out more about Wes.

What inspired you to get involved with All-star cheer?
For me it was more a challenge. I’d known Kim a few years already and she’d been prodding me to come along to cheer for months, but it wasn’t until the younger brother of someone I grew up around said I wasn’t man enough to do cheer. So, I went along and loved it and now I help coach.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a coach?
The joy you see when someone gets a new skill, the excitement before a competition, there are many things. But the main thing has to be seeing the kids happy and having a good time, nothing could ever beat that.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a cheer coach?
For me it’s probably dealing with an injury. Knowing they want to be in with all their friends and teammates but having to sit to one side is hard (I’ve experienced it a few times myself).

What’s your favourite part of cheer?
Stunts. I love nothing more than putting someone in the air.

What makes a good cheerleader?
They have to be coach-able, willing to learn, and put the effort in. They also need to be friendly and have a good team spirit.

How would one of the athletes describe you?
Being 6ft1 definitely means they will say I’m tall. Some would say quiet. A bit of a meanie when it comes to conditioning and when it comes to timing I would imagine some would say I want it perfect haha.

Who inspires you as a coach?
Obviously I have my fellow coaches. But lately I’ve been inspired by the Musical Director of the brass band I play in, Gareth Sykes. The way he teaches/trains and explains things to the band makes it a lot easier for me, so I’m trying to use that in my coaching style when I can.

Finally, for any young people reading this, why should they come and do cheerleading at Catalyst Allstars?
We aren’t just a Cheer Gym, we are a Cheer Family. We work hard, we have lots of fun, a great time and all care about each other. The athletes we have on the team are so friendly and welcoming, you will make new friends in no time, as well as getting fit and learning new and fun skills.