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Northumbria Police – Wallsend Neighbourhood Policing Team

Wallsend Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) recently moved to The Forum on Wallsend High Street to provide a more visible policing presence in the Town Centre. We have a Team lead by the Neighbourhood Inspector Thomas Hart with Sergeants Richard Hay and Claire Kimberley. We as a Team are dedicated in responding to community issues and working with our Partners to problem solve identified concerns that impact on the wider community.

Wallsend NPT with The Linskill Trust and additional help from Wallsend Online held a survey using the ‘Clued Up Kids’ Opinionator App to consult with residents in Battle Hill on issues surrounding Anti-Social Behaviour, the causes and perception of public safety. Over 197 Residents and 159 Youths participated in completing the survey which provided the following results:

70% of the Residents and 66% Youths witnessed Anti – Social Behaviour
20% of the Youths admitted to causing Anti – Social Behaviour
55% of Residents failed to report witnessed Anti – Social Behaviour
93% of Youths wanted more support for youths in the area and 97% of residents wanted more support for Youths in the area
64% of youths had Never been a victim of crime and 61 % of Residents had Never been a victim of crime
74% of youths were interested in attending a Youth Club. This however was dependent on the activities being held.
Of the Anti – Social Behaviour witnessed by youths they stated underage drinking and vandalism was the main cause.
Of the Anti – Social Behaviour witnessed by Residents they stated Vandalism was the main cause, followed by Car Crime and underage drinking.
72% of youths stated they felt safe in the area and 73% of residents stated they felt safe going out in the area

Residents felt conflicted in the effectiveness of the Police at dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour.

Overall, the results were encouraging in understanding the perception of local residents and in response Wallsend NPT would like address some of the concerns highlighted.

Work is on-going with partners to establish a Youth Club Facility in the Battle Hill Community.

In order for the Police to be effective in responding and tackling Anti-Social Behaviour it needs to be reported. Therefore we would encourage residents who witness ASB that is having an impact on their community to report the behaviour to police. This can be done in the following ways:
Call 101 non-emergency and 999 in an emergency
Or Through our website

It is important for residents never to take matters into their own hands or act as a vigilante, this act puts you at risk.

We are active in dealing with ASB through Multi Agency Operations such as Project Vita where we team up with Local Authority Officers and attend identified areas of Anti-Social Behaviour to engage with youths and divert their behaviour. Any Youth repeatedly found causing ASB will have a home visit where parents/carers are made aware of their child’s behaviour and future incidents could lead to tenancy enforcement on their property. We also deploy a mobile CCTV unit in collaboration with the Council to obtain evidence of ASB with the intention of identifying offenders and seeking prosecution when offences have been identified. There are a number of initiatives being carried out to tackle the issue around ASB and we appreciate the community support in assisting us with this endeavour.

We are not in the business of criminalising children and have established a multi-agency Youth Panel when dealing with youths who have been caught committing criminal offences. When a Child is referred to the Youth Panel the Panel conducts an assessment of the child and their family circumstances, looking at the child’s behaviours and capability, as well as, the nature of the offence before developing an intervention programme aimed to divert offending behaviour and prevent future re-occurrence. The objective is to stop the behaviour and prevent a child from ever entering the Criminal Justice System.

Wallsend NPT would like to thank all those Residents and Youths who took the time out to participate in the survey. Work to address some of the issues raised in the survey is on-going and we will provide an update on those developments in future Online editions. We want all residents to feel safe in their community, therefore it is important for us to communicate all the work being done in the area by the policing team to keep residents and communities safe.

For the next instalment we would like to request questions that the Community may have surrounding the Wallsend Neighbourhood Policing Team and community issues which we will answer in the next edition.
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