Results of parent survey

If you were kind enough to take part in our parents & carers survey last October, thank you. Your opinions are important and help shape the way we live in Wallsend.

Our partners at the Wallsend Children’s Community ran the parent/carers survey in with the support of local Wallsend schools. Here are some of the results, we hope that you find them of interest:

1. Single parent/carer households reported higher levels of negative feelings (e.g., more stress or anxiety, feeling bored and lonely, and feeling like a burden to others)

2. Parents/carers who had a child with a significant mental health problem reported higher levels of negative feelings

3. Parents/carers with financial worries, particularly those who had to cut back on spending and who were worried about not having enough money for food, reported higher levels of negative feelings

4. Parents/carers who had access to emotional support reported lower levels of negative feeling

For more information please see the Wallsend Children’s Community blog here:

If you have any comments, or would like to see more then get send me an email and I’ll pass it on.