School of the Month – Battle Hill Primary School

“We are getting to know some of the staff at Battle Hill Primary School, today we chat with Miss Banks from Year 3&4.

Did you always know that you wanted to become a teacher? Yes, I did always know that I wanted to become a teacher because my mum was a nursery teacher and inspired me to work with children.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a teacher? I love seeing the children excited to see me in the morning and I love watching them grow when they are learning.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a teacher? I find it difficult to find the time to do things, Because you can get so caught up in all the work.

Could you guess how many students you have taught? I have taught around 50-60 children.

What’s your favourite subject to teach? I love to teach maths because a lot of the children are more hands on and practical about the work that is getting set.

What makes a good teacher? I think a good teacher is someone who is willing to be there for anything that is going on in their lives, a very big factor about being a teacher is that you have to be approachable and calm.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school and why? My I loved Mrs Robson when I was at school, because she was there for me all the time and her lessons were great.

Did you enjoy school? Yes I really enjoyed school.

Whilst you have undoubtedly inspired many children, who inspires you? My gran inspired me because she provided for everyone and spend lots of time with me and she was a lovely nurturing person.

For any young people reading this, why should they consider a career in teaching? I do find it to be a difficult challenge at times but it’s amazing and you thrive off the challenges.

When you’re not teaching, what do you do to relax? I enjoy exercising especially running and spending time outdoors.

Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies include running, I went on the Great North Run and I also enjoy camping and going out with my family.

Why is Wallsend ‘special’ to you? Wallsend is where I began my career in teaching and now feels like a second home.

Anything else that you would like our visitors to know? The school is here for everyone including parents and it is a hub for support not just for teaching.