School of the Month – Battle Hill Primary School

As parent of our school of the month feature we are back at Battle Hill Primary School and chatting to parent and governor, Helen Jones.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school and why? Mr Cook because he was fun. He was the one that used to take us on school trips and he was a good all-rounder, he got the job done and I learned a lot from him.

Did you enjoy school? I loved school because I had a twin, and we were always together which made the time I was in school easier. I loved the friends I had in school and I am still friends them now.

Why did you choose this primary school? The teachers are supportive and involved they are not just concerned about the big things they are also very supportive over the smaller things. I love all the homework links I get sent and love to see my son so engaged in all the work when he is at such a young age, I am also very impressed with the feedback about my son that the school gives me. You can see the level of work that teachers put into not only teaching the kids but also supporting them.

What is your favourite takeaway? I don’t like fast food and I like to make everything from scratch because I am a consultant for Slimming World but I do enjoy making a salmon stir fry.

Anything else that you would like our visitors to know? I love the school so much and I want to be involved as possible and that is why I’ve decided to become a parent governor to stay involved with this amazing school.