School of the Month – Let’s meet Cherie, the office administrator

Our featured school is Churchill Community College, today we talk to Cherie, she is the office administrator.

What is the most popular thing that children ask you?
Can I have a new timetable? Can you tell me my lunch code?

We reckon that people think that your job is to take in forgotten PE kits or forgotten packed lunches, is that really all you have to do? OK this is your chance to let the adults know about all of the other things that you do!
Check/respond to voicemails and emails from parents, suppliers, general public, and other staff members.
Answer constant phone calls.
Send text messages to parents/carers.
Sign in late students marking register accordingly.
Sign visitors in and out.
Book rooms for meetings.
Book taxis/buses for trips.
Manage payments for trips and music lessons.
Manage/update student data keeping in line with GDPR.
Manage all work emails including the College emails.
Manage student medications.
Manage first aid supplies.
Record any illness, absence, accidents.
Check the defibrillator.
Carry out basic first aid.
Deliver messages, keys, phones, packed lunches, PE kits, water bottles etc to students.
Return lost property to the rightful owner (IF THEIR NAME IS ON THE ITEM).
Search for students who have not arrived home on time.
Carry out any admin requests from other staff members.
And much much more!

Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school and why?
Mr Flannery because he was very kind and he specialised in PE and Art which were my favourite subjects!

What was your favourite school meal?
Cheese pie and any cake (WITHOUT custard)!

Did you enjoy school?

What is your favourite take away meal?
Chinese or Indian food

When you’re not in the school office, what do you do to relax?
Walk my dog

Do you have any hobbies?
I teach Irish Dance and run my own Sleeping Teepee Company

Which primary school did you attend?
St Columba’s
Why is Wallsend ‘special’ to you?

I have so many great memories growing up here and my friends and family live here (or nearby). I have lived in America and Ireland and I still came home and settled in Wallsend!