School of the Month – Meet their Business Manager

As part of our new school of the month feature we are getting to know the staff, today we meet Janine White, the School Business Manager.

What is the most popular thing that children ask you?
Can I go to the toilet or Mrs White have you got any glue sticks

What I do?
I do all the buying for school, breakfast club and after school clubs and I pay all the bills and collect all the money in making sure it goes into the school account. I organise all the supply cover in school, co-ordinate all the student teachers and TA’s and manage all the staff paperwork in school including making sure we all get paid. I support the caretaker in ensuring the school is kept safe, clean, tidy and looking its best. I help out at lunchtimes in the dinner hall and in the mornings and afternoons on the gates to ensure everyone gets into school and leaves school safely. I look after all the computers, laptops and iPads and fix anything ICT when it is broken. I manage and report on everything to do with Covid including administering test kits to staff and taking temperatures of any poorly people. I co-ordinate all of the school trips and arrange the transport and pack lunches. I also help to oversee the office staff, site manager, dinner and breakfast staff and cover for any of them when they are off. And I answer the phones, see the children out after clubs and handle any other queries that arise.

Who was my favourite teacher when I was at school and why?
It was Mr Murrell, my Maths teacher as I enjoyed maths and he made it seem easy. I also liked my French teacher (we just called her Madame) as she made us sing the Marseillaise before every lesson and I can still remember the words to this day!

What was your favourite school meal?
I was at boarding school in South Africa for a few years and one of my favourite meals then was liver with mashed potato and gravy.

Did you enjoy school?
I did enjoy school but particularly when I was at a boarding school in England as it was on a farm and we got to work with the animals every day.

What is your favourite take away meal?
A tough choice but I would say a boneless chicken meal from KFC

When you are not in the school office, what do you do to relax?
I may walk my dog or read a book

Do you have any hobbies?
I don’t have much time for hobbies but if I can I like to cook, read, sew and knit.

Which Primary School did you attend?
I went to 3 different primary schools. The first was in Natal in South Africa which was called Kloof Junior Primary School. I then did one year at Durban Girls College and 2 Years at Roedean in Johannesburg, South Africa before going into senior (high) school.

Why is Wallsend special to you?
It is the children who come to our school who make it special for me. They are all wonderful and a pleasure to be around.