Teacher of the Month for June is Miss Young

“Our Teacher of the Month for June is Miss Young she works in the Early Years provision at Hadrian Park Primary School.

I popped in last week gave her the good news, let’s get to know Miss young a bit more.

Did you always know that you wanted to become a teacher? No, however after having my own children I developed a passion for teaching young children.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a teacher? Knowing that you’ve made a difference to a child’s life and being part of their learning journey.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a teacher? Trying to fit everything in!

Could you guess how many students you have taught? Maybe about 180 or so.

What’s your favourite subject to teach? Phonics/Literacy. I love watching the children progress into great readers and writers.

What makes a good teacher? Being aware that every child is different. To have patience and a good understanding. You have to be caring and a really good listener.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school and why? My favourite teacher was my year 2 teacher, he was entertaining, fun and always played music on his guitar.

Did you enjoy school? Yes, I loved seeing my friends every day and enjoyed all the different experiences

Whilst you have undoubtedly inspired many children, who inspires you? My family and of course all of the staff I work with. We all support each other and work as one big team.

For any young people reading this, why should they consider a career in teacher? It is so rewarding being involved in all of the children’s lives as they develop and progress and being part of their journey. Everyday is different, it’s a fantastic career choice!

When you’re not teaching, what do you do to relax? I don’t relax much with two children of my own!

Do you have any hobbies? I like playing tennis and swimming. I also enjoy going for long walks too!

Why is Wallsend special to you? I have lived in Wallsend most of my life.

Any thing else that you would like our visitors to know? I really appreciate getting teacher of the month, I was so surprised! So thank you very much!

Make sure that you vote and I could be visiting your school soon!”