Today we catch up with Mrs Heron

As part of our school of the month feature today we meet Battle Hill Primary School’s Mrs Heron, she works in the school office and is also the attendance officer!

What is the most popular thing that children ask you? The most popular things that I get asked are probably, “have you got an ice pack” and “can you ring my mam”.

We reckon that people think that your job is to take in forgotten PE kits or forgotten packed lunches, is that really all you have to do? OK this is your chance to let the adults know about all of the other things that you do! As well as being an office staff worker, I am also the attendance officer. Which includes a lot of ringing parents to find out why the children are absent. Parents also ring me for advice when their children have trouble getting to school. Additionally, I help look after children on school trips.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school and why? Mrs Wells because she was really lovely and made me feel welcomed as well as being sporty making things more fun and exciting.

What was your favourite school meal? When I was at school, I really loved the chicken curry, and my favourite pudding was cake and custard.

Did you enjoy school? Yes, I loved being surrounded by all my mates. It’s funny because I went to this school so its very nostalgic working with the teachers that used to teach me.

What is your favourite take away meal? My favourite take away meal is an Indians, just like the school meals I love a good curry; the hotter the better.

When you’re not in the school office, what do you do to relax? When I want to relax and get away from all the chaos of school life, I love to go on walks; my favourite is the scenic peaceful walk from Wallsend to the Tyne bridge.

Do you have any hobbies? I don’t have a lot of free time for hobbies, because I am always taking my kids to their hobbies, which are football and dancing.

Which primary school did you attend? Ironically, I attended this school.

Why is Wallsend ‘special’ to you? My whole family is from Wallsend and I grew up here and I think it is such a lovely community to live in and be involved with.

Any thing else that you would like our visitors to know? My main reason I love working here is because of the lovely set of parents that I get to help and work with.