Wallsend Community Choir

Over the next few weeks we will be finding out more about the Wallsend Community Choir.

We thought a great place to start would be to get to know the Chairman, ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce Tony Davis:

Tony when did you join the choir?
I joined Wallsend Community Choir about eleven years ago as I had recently moved into the area, and a friend I made locally introduced me to it when I said that I enjoyed music and singing in general.

What makes the choir great for you?
I love singing many different types of songs – in four-part harmony in particular – and meeting like-minded folk. Singing as part of a mixed choir makes me feel connected to the other singers as well as to the community in Wallsend, and the beautiful sounds the choir makes sends a tingle down my back at times! I am certain it is beneficial to my well-being and would recommend singing in Wallsend Community Choir to others to find this for themselves, and to simply experience the joys of being a part of a group with a shared interest of singing.

Thank you, Tony, we will be chatting to more of the choir members so remember to visit this page again soon.