Your Chance to Speak with Northumbria Police

The local Northumbria Police are inviting you to take part in an online meeting, This is your chance to have your say.

The meeting is to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour through problem solving with partners and engaging with communities to build trust and confidence.

This meeting is for Community Groups, Charitable and voluntary services and residents, to join and discuss local issues. Interested parties please email the Wallsend NPT mailbox and give their name and organisation, and we will send an invite for the meeting. This gives the community a chance to speak to their local Neighbourhood team to express any concerns they may have or if they would like to have any community engagement from the neighbourhood team.

The aim of this meeting is to provide:-
• Promotion of community safety and sense of safety
• Prevention of crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour
• Protection of the vulnerable and reduction of repeat demand
• Creation and support of resilient communities
• Legitimacy necessary to police by consent
• Prevention through Education