Games and Quizzes Week – for young people aged 10 to 14

How well do you know North Tyneside????

Section 1 – Transport

1. Where does the DFDS Ferry go to after it leaves North Tyneside?

2. How many metro stops are there between North Shields and Wallsend?

3. Where is this building?

Image result for Newcastle Airport Control Tower

Section 2 – How many people live there?

4. How many people live in North Shields?

5. How many people live in Tynemouth?

6. How many people live in the whole of North Tyneside?

Section 3 – Where are these places?



See the source image


Image result for pedestrian tyne tunnel

Section 4 -Sport

10. Newcastle Eagles play which sport?

11. Whitley Warriors play which sport?

12. Newcastle Falcons play which sport?

13. Which team play here?

See the source image

14. Which team play here?

See the source image

15. Which team play here?

See the source image

Now please try this trivia quiz, its a good one…the answers to the questions above are listed below…

ANSWERS (don’t read them until you have tried the questions!!!)

1. Amsterdam

2. 5

3. Newcastle Airport

4. 39747

5. 17000

6. 207913

7. Whitley Bay

8. Tynemouth Priory

9. Tyne Tunnel Pedestrian Tunnel

10. Basketball

11. Ice Hockey

12. Rugby

13. Newcastle Eagles Stadium

14. NUFC St James Park

15. North Shields Football Club

Thanks for playing this quiz, hope you enjoyed it. From time to time we need to take a break from school work, from helping out at home and have time to have some fun.

Take care.

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