LGBTQ+ History Month – February 2021 (Part 2)

For this weeks session we are going to start with a local project which is fantastic and is there to support LGBTQ+ young people from North Tyneside and further afield.

The BASE LGBTQ Youth Support Services

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About this service

The service provides individual support and group engagement for LGBTQ+ young people aged 14-25. The BASE offers a safe space to meet with peers and be part of a range of social activities on a weekly basis at the Centre. The staff will togther with a range of supportive partners including schools, North Tyneside Council Children Services, Health services/professionals, voluntary sector together with parents/carers and obviously Youth Workers.

At The BASE they are still continuing to run groups despite the restrictions around COVID – the groups are now in smaller numbers with social distancing strictly adhered to as well as masks, temperature checks, regular handwashing and other related controls.

If you or anybody you know are interested in getting involved please ask your/their parents/teachers/youth workers etc. to give David a ring to arrange (contact details are below).

The staff always invite young people along to The BASE before coming straight to a session because usually they are nervous and it gives them a chance to meet the worker, begin to build a rapport, familiarise themselves with the centre and ask any questions.

Young people are welcome to bring a parent or friend along to the meeting. Equally if they are confident enough just to come straight into a group that’s great – they just need to book their place in advance so the staff don’t go over the numbers in the risk assessment.

The group is a safe, social space for LGBTQ+ young people to get involved in a range of projects, whilst building their confidence and having fun!

All young people can engage in keywork with David (this is not therapy or counselling, instead it can be goal setting, having a rant or simply offloading) You can discuss just about anything, such as self-esteem, loneliness, stress, hate crime etc, whatever you want.

Contact information

Call:0191 2532127 Fax:0191 2533195 Email:Email this service Address:Barnardos
The Base Young Peoples Centre
26 Esplanade
Tyne and Wear
NE26 2AJ

Here is the poster from the group at The BASE

Due to restricted numbers to ensure Covid safety we are running two groups: Tuesday 5-8pm and Thursday 5-8pm until further notice. Young people aged 14-18. Please book a space first. Ring us to chat. OR AND 0191 2532127 or 07810657807 or 07935012956

Here is a short film to show how Barnardos are fighting for the rights of those young people who identify as LGBTQ+ to be able to have the same life chances and experiences as everyone else.

So, February is LGBTQ+ History Month, we need to continue to celebrate the stories and lives of some of the most active people in history from the LGBTQ+ community. Last week we looked at 3 amazing people – here’s another one who helped shorten the Second World War!

Finally, here is a reminder as we explore some of the defining moments of the complex and rich LGBTQ+​ history in the UK. Notice how much has changed in more recent years; as the film tells you “We’ve come a long way but we still have far to go”

Remember, please feel free to get in touch with the amazing people at The BASE in Whitley Bay for any advice, support or information!

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