Willington Quay & Wallsend…looking to the future!

At the end Of March 2021 we have the chance of starting to move out of lockdown and the restrictions…this means we can get our youth clubs back to some sort of normal. This also means that we can get back to doing some of the amazing things young people have done in the past from St Pauls in Willington Quay.

Last week we had International Day of Happiness…I am calling this coming month as “Wallsend Days of Hope”.

Firstly, lets just remind you where our youth club is…St Pauls Community Partnership in George Street in Willington Quay. The church is just behind the Tyne Tunnel and across the road from the pedestrian tunnel.

The youth club runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30pm to 6.00pm but when lockdown eases times might change and sessions will run for a longer time. Please contact warren@ymcanorthtyneside.org for information.

So, its a positive time, lets look forward to some fantastic activities and projects we can look to do in the coming months at St Paul’s. We always run a huge range of diverse things in the youth club but we also welcome, and encourage, the young people to come up with ideas of things they would like to do…and we even give them control on how some of our budget is spent!.

Let’s have a look at just some of the amazing things young people have done and taken part in as part of their time being part of St Paul’s youth club:

International Exchange visits to both Greece and Slovakia, Lots of weekend trips to places like outdoor activity venues, Visits to towns and cities such as York and London, 1st aid courses and cooking, volunteering, safeguarding courses too, Opportunities to become young leaders and volunteers – some young people are now even paid workers at YMCA North Tyneside!, Trips to the seaside, Visits to the theatre, Water sport leaders courses, Hadrian’s Wall Walks, Sports activities, cooking, and much much more!

Here are a small selection of photos of some of the things we have done!

So, hopefully that gives you a little insight to what we hope to be getting back in the coming weeks and months…we already have arranged another walk along Hadrian’s Wall and a trip to an outdoor education centre in October.

Lets be hopefull, we could be doing so much more soon.

Remember to keep following the guidelines and rules so everybody is safe.

If you want to get involved with our project just get in touch!

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